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Insurance Follow Ups

We aggressively follow up on all unpaid claims to maximize your reimbursement return. We know how to deal with insurance company delays and claim processing errors to get you the money you deserve. Our mission is to maximize your collections, increase your cash flow, and improve your bottom line.

Our process involves collecting fees from insurance companies in order to compensate doctors and healthcare providers for their services. We excel at providing one of the best services in the industry, helping our clients collect from the insurance companies faster than ever before.




Credentialing can be a difficult and time consuming process which is why having an experienced partner is so important. Medical Billing Resolutions can manage all of your credentialing and insurance enrollment needs from beginning to end. Whether you are starting a new practice, adding a new provider, or just enrolling in Medicare for the first time, Medical Billing Resolutions can assist you through the entire process. This service starts at $200 and goes up depending on the number of payers.

  • Medicare Enrollment
  • Medicaid Enrollment¬†
  • Insurance Enrollment for Commercial Payers¬†
  • Physician Credentialing Services



In-house billing allows you to have total control over your billing processes but it also means managing staff, paying more for full time employees, and opening yourself to problems ranging from poor training and job performance to embezzlement.